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Hyperball Field and Rec Field

Our paintball field located in Hurricane, Utah provides a thrilling and adventurous experience for players of all skill levels. With a variety of game modes, and a landscape of obstacles and bunkers, the field offers a unique and challenging arena for paintball enthusiasts to compete in. The field is equipped with high-quality equipment, experienced referees, and a friendly staff, making it an ideal place for both casual and serious players to play. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, The Other Side paintball field is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the fast-paced action of paintball.

No Gear? No Problem.

We Have Rentals

We've got scuba tank regulators, so you'll always been shooting at 280 FPS


Admission (w/personal gun) - $25.00


  • Package 1 (emek/mask/bag of paint) - $65.00

  • Package 2 (etha3/mask/bag of paint) - $75.00

  • Mask - $5.00

  • Safety Gear - $10.00

  • Gun Tank - $5.00

  • Off Site - $65.00 (Includes marker and mask)

  • Small Off Site Refill Air Tank - $55.00

  • Large Off Site Refill Air Tank $105.00

    *plus tax


  • Box of Paint (2000 balls) -$55.00

  • Bag of Paint (500 balls) - $15.00

  • Mask - $30.00

  • Cleaning Fee (per group) - $20.00

    *plus tax

Some shots from the field


What do they say?

Peter Sonic - St. George, UT

" This was hands down the most fun we’ve had for one of my kids birthdays. Nick did awesome, the facility/field was excellent and the equipment was top notch! We had hours of fun and made excellent memories absolutely would recommend! Five stars!"

Austin Stucki - Central, UT

"Absolutely had a blast at Nick's field , Best place to play paintball in southern UT. Def will be returning to his Field"

Bob Kane - Salt Lake City, UT

"I drive down from SLC to play paintball, GREAT priced, awesome layout of the field.i have so much fun when i come down to play cause Nick makes the experience Great for his customers. ONE of the best fields in Southern UT!"

Frequently Asked Question

What equipment do I need to play paintball?

To play paintball, you will need a paintball marker (also known as a gun), hopper (which holds the paintballs), mask, and CO2 or compressed air tank. It's also recommended to wear appropriate clothing, including long sleeves and pants, and sturdy footwear.

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Is paintball safe?

Yes, paintball is generally considered safe as long as players follow proper safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear. This includes wearing a mask at all times during gameplay and following the rules set by the field or facility. It's also important to handle the paintball marker responsibly and not aim at other players outside of gameplay.

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Can I bring my own paintballs to use?

No, our field requires that all players use paintballs purchased from our facility for several reasons. Firstly, we want to ensure the safety and fairness of the game. Our paintballs are specifically designed to break on impact, reducing the risk of injury to players. Additionally, our paintballs are made to exacting standards, ensuring consistent size, shape, and weight, which is important for maintaining accuracy and fairness during play. Finally, by requiring the use of our paintballs, we can ensure that everyone is using the same quality of paint, preventing any unfair advantages or disadvantages that might arise from players using different brands or types of paintballs.

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Field Location: 3400 Flora Tech Rd., Hurricane, UT

Field Hours

Mon – Friday by appointment only

Weekends are open play

Phone Number:


3400 Flora Tech Rd, Hurricane, UT 84737, USA

Field: 3400 Flora Tech Rd., Hurricane, UT

Call 435-740-8069

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